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How To Start A Business Without Capital

An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business, taking on the financial risk. As we all know, It takes a lot of capital to set up a business. But have you ever wonder about how to start a new business without investing? It’s actually difficult to start a new business without capital with an unknown person whom you just start knowing from the past few days, months or maybe a year. But it’s easy if you don’t have to invest anything.

So, Felicia Retail Private limited is offering “YOU” a wonderful opportunity i.e, CONSULTANT, where you can earn without investing your money. So, It’s also a good opportunity for the people who are from a service background provided they must be good in some particular skills. If you have one, you can start earning without investing.

Be a Consultant for Felicia Retail Private Limited

Felicia Retail Private Limited offers food franchise and basically need the prospects for its services like base kitchen operator, Unit Franchise, Master Franchise. Being a consultant, you have to complete the following target annually:

  • Minimum 40 unit franchise sign up,
  • At least 5 master franchise signup,
  • maximum 5-10 base kitchen operator sign up,
  • Advertisement – Rs. 4 lakhs,

To complete all this target, a  consultant must be a good communicator having an extrovert & polite nature. Being a consultant you would have to do the marketing of the brands, so good marketing skills is another requirement for becoming a consultant.

If you have these skills, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to earn 25 lakhs in just 2 years. Along with this, you can earn exciting cashback per annum after fulfilling the requirements. 

Here are some other details you need to know:

1. Security Deposit  Rs. 21,000
2. Advertisement expenses Rs. 4 lakh p.a
3. Estimated leads 5000
4. Estimated earning Rs. 12.5 lakh p.a
5. Incentives Rs 25,000 per sign up
6. Per Bulk food order 10% on sale amount
7. Per Catering orders 10% on sale amount
8. Per Corporate orders 10% on sale amount

Duties Of A Consultant

  • To Bring Prospects: As Felicia Retail Pvt. Ltd. has a franchise business, so being a consultant you have to bring prospects for franchisor through your contacts or advertisements. Your duty wouldn’t only be to bring the customers for the franchisor, but also to finalize the deal between the franchisee and the franchisor.
  • Advertisements: You have to advertise the services of Felicia Retail with expenses up to 4 lakh. From that, you can earn cashback up to 2 lakh annually. 
  • Target: It would be the duty of the consultant to complete the above-mentioned target. As only the completion of the target in a given period of time would able you to earn more in a short period of time.
  • Proper Knowledge about franchisor’s business: It would be the duty of the Consultant to Properly understand the Franchisor’s business, to make interested people understand the business.

Why Consultant is a good opportunity for Housewives and Freshers?

As we all know, housewives are not actually free and they have a similar workload like other working women. The only difference between housewives and other working women is they aren’t earning a good salary like a working woman.

People are full of talent and the same goes with the housewives. But due to certain personal reasons, they have to sit at home in spite of being a hub of talent. Some of the women have good links or contacts because of being social or extrovert while others have good convincing power. 

If you have these talents, no one can stop you from earning a huge amount in a short period of time, not even your problems.


This opportunity is not only for housewives but for students and freshers also. All of you are getting an opportunity of earning while sitting at your own place. For doing any business “Investment” is the biggest area of concern. If you are a housewife, student or even a fresher in any field and don’t have enough money to start your own business. Then opt. for the “CONSULTANT” opportunity with Felicia Retail Pvt. Ltd.

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