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Best Profitable Business in India

Starting a new business in today’s world is not an easy task. You have to face so many hardships at the beginning of any start-up. You have to learn how to run any business. So the question standing in front of everyone is that which is the “Best Profitable Business in India”? There are lots of profitable businesses in India but out of these which is an all-time favorite business that is what you have to decide by yourself. According to my analysis, the Best Profitable Business in India is the Food Business.

The food business is the business that has an advantage over other businesses because food is the need for everyday life. People can live without other things present in this world but without food, no one can live. All people have to eat, we all have different tastes and favorites in food.

So the question is how to start a food business:

Make a Business Plan

For any business first, you have to make a plan to initiate. You need a plan for every process like planning, capital creation, staffing, research, operations, etc. Same the food business also needs a good plan to succeed.

Get Registered

To open a Food Business one must complete all the registration processes, formalities, licensing, registration of shop, etc.  One should take care of the food operator’s license as well from the concerned governing body. All these registration and license will help you during the legal and ethical complexities and also ensure that you work under the state policies and standards.

Select your Cuisine

One should know which cuisine he/she wants to sell. It’s ingredients, components, etc. are all known as per their requirements. He/ She must know the food taste as per the locals, what they want and what kind of taste they want. For that one should create an exciting/ interesting menus with good combos and offers which help them to grow.


Location is one of the most important factors of your food business because it determines the client base, traffic, reach, etc. If you open your restaurant in the area where the crowd is less, visibility is less and customer reach is low then you may not earn profit which you are expecting. So, the best place to open a food business is that which connects with parks, areas around colleges, beaches, public places, etc. because of the high traffic of customers and reach.


Every person who wants to start his/her business has a clear idea that how much he/she wants to invest in his/her business. One should create a plan for corporate investment in the different forms of sponsorships for affiliation or raw material. Creating a sheet of profits in which most likely expenses and costs play a very important part.

Health & Safety Measures

Follow the state rules & regulations and the basic health standards along with cleanliness, sanitation and surrounding are very important. Different places have different regulations so one should know about them to enjoy their services without any legal interruption. One should keep their utensils clean and serve the customers with good hygienic food to keep them healthy.


Setting the price of food items is one of the important things. One should maintain the price to maximize the profit as well as it should be pocket-friendly. What one can do is to study the market and the competitors to set the correct price and affordable price which can also them to increase their profit.

Market Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns are the key to attract customers and increase sales. Creating the advertisements for your place will increase the traffic for your restaurant. The advertisements can be done offline as well as online such as flyers, pamphlets, freebies, social media, T.V. adds, food bloggers, etc.

Hiring & Staff

Hiring good and efficient staff is very important while opening a business. One should make sure they all are a keen learner and a hard worker with smart skills. Even if one person running the whole process he/she must be a one-man army who knows how to handle the entire process and must be experienced.

Profit and Margin in the Food Business

The Profit Margin in Food Restaurant depends on some factors

  • Kitchen Staff & Menu
  • Monthly Expenses and other rentals

If you keep the profit margin in mind then it would be 20-30% food cost and 50-60% depending on the competition with the competitors.

According to my research and analysis food business is the only business that has a high profit and growth ratio than the other business in the business field.

So if you are looking to build your career as an entrepreneur then food business is a good opportunity to start your career with. It has minimum risk and huge profits.

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