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Customer Experience To Ensure Growth

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Customer experience is defined as an interaction between a customer and an organization throughout their business relationship. The company should have a great customer experience i.e. meeting the expectations of our customers during the interaction with our company. Customer experience is an integral part of CRM i.e. Customer Relationship Management and it is very much…


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As in the current year, joblessness has a deep concern regarding the young youth. A big controversy has erupted over the creation of a job in the previous years. As per the CMIE data, the report showed that the unemployment rate in Feb 2019 was  7.2% which was worst as compared to the last 45…

Social Media Role in Business

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Social Media is an essential part of the business nowadays. Like the body couldn’t survive without water nowadays business couldn’t also survive without Social Media. Social media plays a very important role in our day to day business. It helps us to connect with our customers, increase awareness and boost up our sales. With the…


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There are many students who have business startup ideas but didn’t get the opportunity to grab it. The business startup is an initiative taken by the government of India. This campaign was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 2015. Basically, the startup is done by the company which is in the introduction stage….